Saturday 29 November 2008


If bike wobbles / unstable / skid / pull to one side, then could be one or more of following reasons.

You have to check each faktor one-by-one. It is a lot of work, but no other way.

1 Chassis bend.
2 Rim bend
3 Incorrect tyre fitment.
4 Swing-arm bearing worn
5 Axle bearings (both--either / or) worn
6 Loose mountings or very tight mountings (i.e.less or more tight than that recommended and done by torque wrench) of engine, forks, shockabs, bushes etc.
7 Worn or unequal suspensions (both front and rear).
8 Untrue wheel alignment of rear wheel.
9 Loose spokes / broken spokes / missing spokes (both wheels)
10 If Mag-Alloy wheels, then could be non-uniform metal spread / distribution. In which case, nothing can be done. Either live with it or replace.
11 Front fork bent.
12 Steering cone ball bearings
13 Swing arm bent

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