Sunday 20 March 2011

Night in Room#308@Amoga Residency

Booked a single room for 300(non-ac of course!) to freshen up n change into something cleaner(the set of clothes am wearing have born with 140km of ride)
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Church of 'Our Lady Of The Poor', Mysore

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Fun Fort on the way to Mysore

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Another 30km n I'll be in there:)

Phew...just pulled over to sip li'l water(coke over:p) n stretch ma limbs:) Bike will also breathe some fresh air..I've been maintaining 60-70 km/hr which is a healthy speed for my steed. I need to reach by 19:30, and seeing the distance left I could make it early. Which means I could pull over again n treat myself with some 'ICE CREAM':):D tongue gettin dry thinking about a delicious scoop of chocolate ice cream melting in mouth. Ummmm:) (he he sorry, took detour from the usual thoughts. Lol). Alright, sipped enough water n my bums got sufficient rest n we are ready to head towards our destination -Mysore via an ice cream store:):):) Vroooooom.....(dats me rollin..he he)
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Lunch Break

I don't know what's wrong with the sun today, it's causing a microwave effect on the highway:( When am rolling, due to the wind everything is cool, the moment I stop for more than a minute, things getting unbearably hotter. Hmmf. Alright, pulled over near a road side shack(read restaurant) for lunch. Curd rice...ila...get me a veg fried rice, less oil n no masala. Sure! :)

Food was ok, not bad(which means it won't affect the stomach or ride adversely!).

Time right now is 15:50, and other than for sipping li'l water/coke, no more major halts as such. Let's roll...
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On my way to Mysore:)

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Saturday 19 March 2011

'TRICKED' and I thought I knew it all!

This update is an unplanned one and am in hurry to post it, before this moment loses it's thrill! Well, today is a saturday and after a lazy day (which also include doing the house chores, etc) I had to deal with a unplanned(kinda common with me I guess:p) trip to Mysore to attend a close friend's sis's marriage. It's been a while since
I stepped outa bangalore and this I couldn't miss, one my commitment to my friend and second I could ditch the
bus ride 'ANY DAY' and ride!!!!!!!! Thats it, the pressure of the work load(had plans of working over the weekend) vanished the moment I decided to
ride. Immediately got the bike checked at my fav guy Fyaz and got a washing done at 'Safe Way' garage(it's 70 bucks now, can you imagine?!!) and headed to office to finish up as much work as I could. Left home at 7PM,
and on the way for the first 2 km(towards my office, which is in basvangudi) bike was getting constant hiccups,
though fuel was not the reason. I had seen these before and new the reason could be water might have slipped into the wiring or choke etc. Blew dry the choke once but the bike kept on getting hiccups, now every 2 minutes,
which literally means I couldn't ride at all. Luckily I was near an Enfield Garage. So pushed the bike towards the garage, on the way saw another small scooter repairing shop and two mechs working. So just asked them to have a look, expecting they'll rub off the carbon(I thought could be the reason) from starter tip and I'll be good to go.

Well, there were few surprises(other than the bike not starting just before the day I decided to ride solo after a long time) in store for me. He exposed the cable and kick started to see if the spark is coming and much to my surprise it wasn't! I couldn't believe as I did the same thing on the way before he opened the spark plug. I told him straight away 'boss, current was comming, how come it got stopped after you checked?!'. He didn't defend(surprisingly, as any honest person would revolt if you doubt their honesty) rather unintrestingly said you can try and got back into his workshop. While walking back he said the coil is fried. Only solution is to replace it. Bullsh#t! I didn't believe, so I decided to push it li'l further and get it checked at the Enfield garage for a second opinion. I had to wait for the mech for 30 minutes there. Finally he arrived and started repeating the same process the first guy did, addtionally he opened the seat and side cases to check the wiring and he seemed pretty confident with what he was doing. I was bit relieved hoping he'll get the job done. Which didn't happen. Rather with the same confidence he stated, one of the 3 coils is gone and it'll take a day to get it checked that which one and same needs to be replaced. He can do it, bike will be available on Monday. U kidding?!! that was my expression, an hour ago I was planning for my long ride and now thinking on catching an auto to office, let alone a ride to Mysore. duh! I stood there speechless, thinking...what now?? Hmmmm.....(deep breath)...

Took permission to park the bike there(which meant he'll only get the repairing done!). I wish I could take the bike to fyaz, am so sure it'll be roaring in no time! Well...lemme atleast tell him that this has happened, may be he might have a better suggestion. So called up 'The Guy' fyaz and told him that so n so has happened. He asked me the exact location where I was and when he heard KR road, he said. "wait there! my brother might be near that area, I'll check and get back to you..". Good fella, he always has some good news to give. His brother is his partner in his garage and also a dirt bike racer. I didn't even had to wait for a minute, I saw riyaz on his Yamaha RX100(I guess) slowing down in front of the enfield garage. He had a quick look at the bike and then gave a hard glance at the mech who had seen the bike. Told me to roll the bike under a street light, as it was still parked in their premises as they wouldn't like another mechanic ruining their business that too in their garage. Lol. Riyaz asked me to put the bike on side stand and pulled out a cable underneath the tank, just above the mill and told 'saale log, they had unplugged a cable which goes to the engine!'. I was like W  T   F!!!! I smelt it when the first guy checked the bike, but how come the second genius didn't notice this??!!! Oh may be he noticed it and acted smarter by going one step ahead and opened the seat cover n wiring etc. Gawsh!!!

Thanked Riyaz with a whole heart, one for coming for the rescue and most of all for teaching me this lesson which I'll never forget! This could happen to anyone! I am pretty sure now that, am going to take a day out and sit with Fyaz when he is servicing my bike to learn how it works:) (which I had planned right from my school days, but never did!). God bless the helpul and talented Fyaz and Riyaz. I learnt my lesson, which goes straight to this biker's diary...

Thats all for now, plan is ON for the solo ride to mysore tomorrow.
Will Keep You Posted, check for a new post;)