Wednesday 22 July 2009

SELP Project - Will it be one ???

Hi Readers,
hope u all doin well. After a long time I decided to tap the keys n make a post here. Life is like a roller coster ride. Sometimes you are screaming and sometimes you're so scared that you're quite
like a lamb. couldn't have been any other way, if u ask me:) But the oh_feelin_so_low days should not become the theme of our lives. Nothing wrong though, but thats just not US! Late night blogs have their own share of senti(mental) on...

Well as part of my landmard curriculum, I will be taking up a project, which I wouldn't otherwise had picked up!! And outof the 4 shortlisted projects, I had to finilise on ONE! And guess what....the one which am most uncomfortable+unsure+worried+have_absolutely_no_idea(but most passionate) about got picked up by my coach Vidya. Final decision will be mine though and rules are simple- NO REASONS REQUIRED ! SIMPLY PICK ONE CLOSE TO YOUR HEART !!!

THE project which I am finalising on definately has somethin to do with the bikes[:)] and then some a documentary...(phew) To be honest I have absolutely no idea about whether I will be doing it, how I'll be doing it, who all would be accompanying me, n blah blah blah....But thats what the game is(as my coach says)! In college,
I might have had thought of somethin(close to this, but not this!) similar, but after joining work?!! Can't even think of,especially when work life has become so unpredictable and hectic. But no point discussing what are against the theme of the event, as today evening I had a detailed chat with my roomie, my buddy, safety advisor - Abhi, regarding this possibility. Initial
theme for the ride included some different locations, which he was fine with, but I wasn't convinced(may be it's because I couldn't find solid info about the visual credibilty of the locales), so I was flooding through all possible thoughts for a theme worth a challenge! Also my favourite tv series DVD was spinning in the computer tray- Long Way Round by Evan McGregor and Charlie Boorman. That keeps my spirits high:) Abhi got a call from mom, so he was attending that and I was scrolling thru a map of India looking for THAT special place waiting for me to discover. Then suddenly something struck me, it was a place I have read in books, heard from friends, dreamt of visiting one day(but not sure when..) Cape Comorin, the southern most point of India! Never realised we are so close to the edge of the nation, literally reaching there would mean a lot for me. Again seeing the map I could see an exotic route through Keral that will lead us there....It'll be a ride through various cultures, places, especially when we'll be riding through God's own country - Kerala. Suddenly I could visualise the whole ride....I was so excited to reveal this plan to Abhi, I had to wait till his call(n then smoke) was over....I offered him a chair and requested him to settle down(as I didn't want him to get a panic attack, which is quite a common reaction for him for anything that is youthful or cocky). I told him the whole idea with drums and whistles and was curious to know what he feels about it. But much to my surprised he was sceptical about it's feasibilty. I told him many people have done longer rides than this, but in our case managing the schedules, coverage and the safety of the fellow riders would be a real challenge...But I am confident and am ready to take up the responsibility. He needn't worry. After a long pause...........................................he yawned (duh!) and said...............thik hai bhai(yuppee) mujhe sochne ke liye thod waqt do(iski toh...), I'll let you know tomorrow(let it whom should I take...). Ok buddy, take your time.....n he was off to bed! I was not feeling sleepy, so thought of doing some research work and recalled that I hav a diary and today is worth here I am.

Switched off Abhi's system, moved to my desk, with a lot of conversations in mind, I'll fill up couple of blog pages if I start describing those, in short mostly dis empowering ones....but again a POSSIBILITY LEADS TO ANOTHER! So am keeping my spirits high and my fingers crossed! I'll take this challenge for the love of riding and freedom!!!

" Who I am is the possibilty of Joy, Openness, Freedom & Innovation,
and that is who I am !!! "

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