Saturday 15 August 2009

An Invitation to Chitradurga, Karnataka

Hi Readers, 

I hope y'all doin well n enjoying your weekends:) Despite of being so busy I too had made a great plan for a ride to a nearby locale with friends and had planned to cover the ride with cam(sort of a warm-up session for "THE" ride p.s.-check my previous post for details). But as we know, breakdowns r part of life that is so obvious, that u feel stupid when u simply forget about them while looking forward to having a great time. Well, I faced a few, like the guy who was supposed to get a Handycam, had to go out of the station, then we fell short of pillion riders, n then my pillion(n friend n buddy n roomie) Abhi got flu(not sure whether it was more of a psychological one or for real, as the doc only prescribed a cough syrup after checkup:p). Anyways, doesn't really matter as I(guess on behalf of us who don't have the guts to do things they love n r waiting for sumone to invite them n then they'll get enough of an excuse to take a step forward in the right direction! hard feelings anymore. As I had worked my A$$ out to take the saturday out of my work schedule, I felt bit bad that I won't be enjoyin a great ride this weekend.....Spend the whole day teasin my roomie about the flu incident, n got bored, ordered for lunch. It was good:) watched a movie afterwards("Click"). The movie was good, a real eye opener, if you are working in an organisation n u r hardworking in nature, it's a must watch!! When the movie got over, I pulled the curtain to see outside, just to get surprised to know that day light has gone it's already 7. I was thinking tomorrow would be same, but suddenly recalled that I had to attend an engagement ceremony of a friend at a place around 250 km from the city. Plan was to board a volvo but, suddenly had idea how would it be to hit the road on my Bike:):):) Bingo!! I had to get permission from my best buddy, after a lot of persuation she gave up(=AGREED). I promised to ride responsibly(It's easy on my part as I always do!). My shoelace had broken, so rushed to the nearest woodland outlet n got a pair. I don't want to miss this chance of coverin this ride on cam, so decided to use my cellphone cam. It ain't that bad, only concern was the battery backup. Bought another battery for 200 bucks for my cell, hope both the cells will support the cam long enough for tomorrows ride. So for dinner we(me n my roomie, who's recovering now, I guess) ordered again as the sabji we got in our dabba SUCKS!!! It's green, grainy n Peewwky(sumthin if u try eatin, u'll puke)!!! Now while waiting for the delivery guy, am writing this blog:) Sometimes it's nice to wait, it gives us a chance to do many interesting things, like blogging. I heard a knock just now, I think our food has come...Well before we part for the night lemme share(create) my checklist. Well here it goes:- - T-Rex(as my bro calls my bike. It's in ok shape, could've got it checked once, but now it's already past 11, all garages must be closed.) - Helmet(thats mandatory in bangalore anyways) - Jeans(my black pair of levi's would be just fine) - Shoes(basic stuff though, the pair of rugged woodlands would be great n comfy) - Sunglasses (polaroid rocks!) - Music ( Creative Zen 8 Gig would be on test this time! loading this with songs at the moment:) ) - Creative stock ear phones - Panasonic ear buds(Awsome sound, n isolates external noise. It may not be good while riding, but carrying it in case...) - Cam (Nokia 5300 1.3 MP camera, Video Resolution:176x144, Format:3GP, Lets see how this baby handles) - Extra battery for mob(Brand: LPT, Price: 200 INR, Rating: 3.4v Type: Li-ion) - A Jacket(Brand: JustNatural, Type: Rain cheater. Tough am not expecting any rain, then again weather doesn't give a damn about anyone expectations:p ) - Here's my current ODO meter reading - 296575 Am havin a mild headache at the moment, so hav a slight fear of fallin sick by the morning. BUT if I don't then I'll be updating the new reading after returning to Bangalore. Just for the records:) So did a li'l gargling, boiled n kept the milk for morning cereals. Now will have dinner n catch a nap...Putting a tiny map of the destination n route from the city. I have been to the Fort@ Chittradurga, hoping to discover more of the city this time...Mornin I may post an entry here in my blog when I start, so keep checkin.....n Wish You Readers All The Very Best in Whatever You Have Chosen To Do This Weekend!!!! Satellite view of the route(seems pretty straight! I have ridden on this highway before, but first time I'll be riding alone): Below is the Gmaps estimation, I'll be following a route close to this n will update the blog, so that you can have an idea about it's accuracy. Simple map view: Good night to you all, sleep well n have lots of dreams, cause we have to live them every morning:) I'll have this one tonight... Cheers, Sid

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