Sunday 20 March 2011

Another 30km n I'll be in there:)

Phew...just pulled over to sip li'l water(coke over:p) n stretch ma limbs:) Bike will also breathe some fresh air..I've been maintaining 60-70 km/hr which is a healthy speed for my steed. I need to reach by 19:30, and seeing the distance left I could make it early. Which means I could pull over again n treat myself with some 'ICE CREAM':):D tongue gettin dry thinking about a delicious scoop of chocolate ice cream melting in mouth. Ummmm:) (he he sorry, took detour from the usual thoughts. Lol). Alright, sipped enough water n my bums got sufficient rest n we are ready to head towards our destination -Mysore via an ice cream store:):):) Vroooooom.....(dats me rollin..he he)
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