Monday 13 August 2012

Harley Davidson - **RIDDEN**

Hi there,
I am back after a weekend tour across some picturesque routes of South-West England on an iconic Harley Davidson motorcycle. I know and the excitement is mutual, for which I will be sharing my experience in detail, but for now, here is a quick preview.

The Escape:

The Way Back:

The Team:

The Pillion Rider & Navigator:

The Rider:

Until I gather time and write a detailed post sharing my experience with riding the 'Harley Davidson Heritage Softtail' (I know you would start googling already;) on the UK mainland, safe riding!!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your adventures with your Harley Davidson. It’s those kinds of adventures that inspire me to make trips on country sides and really just see the world. There are many places that need to be seen, to be felt, and to be experienced that, somehow, a lot of people miss.

Claudio McCarty

Sid said...

Well said and thank you:) Yes even though there are so many cars and bikes on the road all the time, there are few travellers:)