Wednesday 26 December 2012

Test Ride - New Thunderbird 350

A friend has been bitten by the enfield bug and I was asked for helping him decide on a model from RE stable. Well, it's matter of personal taste, but still due to the request, all I can do is give my opinion on the bikes after riding. That's what I did and posting here as well. I test rode 2 bikes; 1) New Thunderbird 350 2) Classic 350

Here is the verdict:

1)Tbird 350:

+ Looks good
+ Effortless handling (same as any high rise handlebar setup)
+ Chunky (May be due to the big tank and new round foot pegs)
+ Projector lamp for low beam (didn't check this as I rode during the day)

- Length of the bike seems shorter (shortened wheel base?)
- Feels toyish (compared to Typical Enfield riding posture in Electra, Standard, or even in Classic series)
- Not for me

No offense but having seen/ridden the best of Harley stable, I find TB is a cheaper imitation of the bigger cruisers. However seeing the possibility of liter size displacement engine is in talks, it won't be long before RE would be reaching the heights of brands like HD and Indian.

2) Classic 350

+ Classic Good looks
+ Good riding feel with upright sitting posture
+ Spring seats helped on minor bumps on the road
+ Carburetor - means one can get it fixed by any mech in case of any emergency/breakdown

- Didn't inspire confidence (may be as am riding an Electra with taller seat height)
- Enfield thump is gone:( No really!! It sounds like a 350cc Hero-Honda bike, more you rev more noise it makes, but no thump.

So all in all am not much impressed with the UCE lot despite of this test ride. Actually I started loving my CI model Electra.

So last but not the least, always go for a test ride before booking something.


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