Thursday 9 May 2013

Happiness as I know it :)

" In the spur of the moment, I feel perfect being on the saddle, rolling the throttle a wee bit more, leaning onto the corners, feeling the butterflies in the stomach, sipping in the beautiful sight and sound of nature and from the deepest part of my heart thanking God, for having lived this moment. Being grateful for being blessed with good health, wealth (to be able to afford to do, what I do), and most importantly consciousness to acknowledge and appreciate this experience. What more could I ask for?!!...nothing really. I do feel pity for people who go through the same experiences and yet, later it is recalled as a mere commotion when they end up comparing their journey with someone else,... maybe with someone on a more expensive motorcycle, or with someone who rolls more luxuriously or someone who had better company or someone who rolls in a larger group, etc. Basically, such people miss the point of life itself. It is not defined in a book (well I wish it was) what will actually make you happy and content, so you must know this....something that made you smile like a kid is possibly what makes you happy. That is it! It could be something simple like rolling your old bicycle down a known lane with an old friend, or it could be cruising in a drop-top on the highway or like (in my case) being on the saddle and a long road ahead with no sense of time. Rest all is immaterial. Yet we (of course even I) sometimes fall for the unimportant variables of the happiness formula,...which brand, how much power, which route, etc, and decide to let go of the whole experience altogether. Was it really worth those bits?! Well...I don't think so. So why not give this thought a chance: "just be happy with what you have, go as far as you can currently afford to go and with whoever is with you"! Trust will be a happy biker, I promise you that. How do I know this, cause I live with this philosophy:) "

Keep Rolling and Don't forget to smile n wave when our paths cross,


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