Saturday, 15 March 2014

Weekend Morning Ride


If you have been following through my last post then you would know there was this Saturday Morning Ride being thought of. Well, it happened. Yes I felt like not leaving the bed with some perfectly valid reasons. Yes I overcame the same when I had a feeling of being on my bike and cruising through a bend and a sunrise at the horizon. I wanted that bad enough to get past my reasons. Well here are some pics I took before and during the ride. Enjoy...

After dusting off the cover, am taking it off... Been a while since I saw my ride in all it's shining glory:)

Filled in the bulls at Shell (opens at 6:30am). While exiting the bunk this beautiful sunrise made my day... :):) It was just stunning.

On the way...

The view from this bridge reminded me of Kerala.. Not only the coconut tree, its the greenery as well as the scenery.

Now Thats A Happy Steed:)

Hope you enjoyed,


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