Thursday 4 September 2014

Day 10 : Pang - Keylong

Day 10 : Events (Aug 24)

  • The bike had a serious starting problem at Pang (despite pushing downhill the bike refused to start)
  • Took the battery out and with the help of Padma to charge it for an hour.
  • Push started the bike with the help of Murali and Sameer
  • Rode towards and crossed the Baralach-La pass
  • Reached Keylong and spoke with mechanic Chunnilal and got to know, it may not be possible to find a new battery until I reach Manali
Pang - Keylong

Road condition:
Pang onwards, roads don't get any better until there is roughly 50 km left to Keylong (Himachal Pradesh). So gotta bear with some challenging (not sure how cars do this stretch) roads with some good roads thrown in between to help you retain your sanity. The rewarding experience would be as you get closer to Jispa valley. 

*I recommend a stay here if your itinerary permits. The valley is beautiful and quite different in flora and fauna as well as the architecture of houses compared to what you might be seeing all the way. I may visit this place later during my future trips to this region (whenever that happens).

The road to Jispa is awesome in all possible ways and continues to be so till Keylong and much ahead you touch Rohtang and Manali which are well-known tourist locations. Hence have good roads.

The temperature as we got down to lower altitudes (like Jispa and Keylong) was pleasant. I was roaming around in Keylong in the evening on my bike wearing just a full sleeve shirt and a tee on top of that. The full sleeve was a thermal by the way:D Still not as cold as up north where a riding jacket with a thermal liner on top still didn't cut it. So the point is, Himachal was relatively warmer.

Fuel Stops:
I don't remember filling here.
However Keylong seems to be quite developed with a lot of cars around, so there must be a source of fuel close by.

The lifesaver accommodation in Pang. 

One of the numerous metal bridges I passed through on the way.

Some snow on the mountains, still melting.

Pegasus enjoying a scoop of ice cream:)

A common sight once I entered Himachal Pradesh. Lambs are giving the shepherd a hard time.

You may call it a landscape selfie..:)

Toyish-looking houses on the mountains.

One of the many such water streams I had to cross after entering Himachal Pradesh. Though looks quite easy from here, every crossing was a challenge, as the surface was very smooth and uneven as the soil was washed off by the stream and the road was already narrow.

Reached Keylong and the first mechanic shop I found to get the battery issue rectified was this. However, the mechanic was out of town for the day.

Google's history of my route is too vague to share, so here is a more accurate route as per Google Maps online.

Night Halt:
Place                : Keylong, Himachal Pradesh
Accommodation : XXXX Hotel
Cost per room    : Rs XXXX
Room Capacity   : 2 / 4
Other Details     :
- Bikes parked just outside the building but in a private space owned by the hotel
- Good warm wooden furnishing with a good view
- Food charges are separate but was quite delicious
- Hotel has a restaurant downstairs for a proper dining experience
- Breakfast area is outside the building with a tent-like roof which gives a fresh outdoor feel. One can enjoy the morning sun and the flowers around during breakfast.
- 2-3 Motorcycle workshops are there which are close by (1-2 km) evening 7 pm

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