Saturday 11 April 2015

The Story of Recovery

Howdy Folks,

had I been an avid blogger (or at least a regular one), this post would have appeared in January this year, when I was bedridden, after injuring my knee. This happened during my vacation, and I was traveling to Calcutta with my family. Ever since I have been on a long hiatus from motorcycling. I usually don't discuss health, wealth, and personal life online. However, I felt obliged to mention this experience in my (web) diary here, as it has had more impact on my riding for the last few months, than on any other part of my day-to-day life. Basically, I happen to injure the ligament in my knee, which though was not so bad to stop me from walking around, but restricted my range and agility quite a bit for all this while. Most physios suggested a restrictive lifestyle to suit the injury, which made me switch physios to my mindset about how to live my life. Remember 'don't stop until you find what you looking for'. And not long before one of my friends referred me to a physio who is experienced and had worked with athletes (i.e. the kind of people, for whom sitting at home is not an option!), who was one to say, that I can get back to my riding with required exercises. It took me roughly one month to get rid of the metal knee braces (yeah ticked that off my done-that list. lol) and two months to get back to normal day-to-day things like driving my car, walking for long hours, climbing stairs, and other similar stuff involving legs. Here is a tip for anyone who has faced or facing any health/fitness-related challenges which affected your confidence for the right reasons. Well, you can achieve any level of strength and conditioning, provided you first believe so in your mind. Rest all just follow. Again, always listen to your body, so as not to stress it beyond what it can take (not what you think it can take). Hope that makes sense. And yes, do give yourself some time, especially if you are my kind, who is always up to something, you would benefit the most from such a (much-needed) break. Honestly, I never thought I needed a break, but trust me, it helped me in many different ways. As I look back, here are a few things I did during these past few months when I was off the saddle:

  • Cooking: Started cooking (after years!) some simple (yet healthy) meals at home for a change
  • Reading: Caught up with some books, I had parked on the shelf for a while
  • Driving: Drove quite a lot during these last few months to many faraway places with friends, in the comfort of a car :)
  • Programming: Worked a bit on one of the areas of my interest; mobile apps
  • Finances: Wrapped up some long pending stuff with my finance/investments which I was dodging, because I was busy 

Yeah, so the benefits really outweighed my possible complaints about not being able to ride my bike. I am really happy looking back at the things I faced and learned. Now pushing myself to the next level of things. Getting back to jogging and gymming is next on my agenda and am currently building myself up for it. Not sure how much time it will take though, but am perfectly fine taking it slow, as long as am improving. Wish me luck.

A few days after the injury and this is as far as I can fold my right knee.

A day after the injury. Here the swelling has actually reduced a bit.

@ Victoria Memorial Hall, this was the only trouser that could hide the knee bandage inside.

After the initial scolding about my love for motorcycling, mom was happy to have me around the house with her:) Being at home wasn't so bad after all.

At Bhubaneswar airport after a restful (*pun intended) vacation, leaving for Bangalore.

Now starting this year, other than my career and personal life, I was supposed to work on planning my next motorcycle tour. However, that got a bit sidelined due to the course of events I explained just now. As am working on myself now, all the possibilities are coming right back. Currently am chasing up the Bangalore RTO folks to issue my new registration number for Karnataka. They have a few things to iron out on my bike and of course some touring mods (I will discuss this in another upcoming post). Not to mention that finances have to be worked out, as there are many commitments at home, which is how it's always has been and always gonna be!! :)

Hope this post inspires you to overcome your personal challenges, both stronger and better in every possible way.

Ride Safe & Ride Far,


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