Monday 22 June 2015

Keanu Reeves knows how to kick-start a vintage motorcycle !!

Keanu Reeves needs no introduction, especially if you are a sci-fi action movie buff or a Hollywood moviegoer. He is one of the most popular yet down-to-earth people who has ever graced the American movie industry. I have no first-hand encounters with him (yet!), but the countless interviews and his movie co-stars' interviews on you-tube, speak volumes about his generosity and humility as a person. That's the whole reason why I am writing a paragraph on him, on my otherwise motorcycle-centric blog. Many of my favorite celebs also love motorcycles, but someone as nice as Keanu deserves a post on this blog. However today's post isn't about the celebrity (which he of course is!), it's more about this man's love for motorcycles. To put things into perspective, Keanu Reeves currently owns an uber-cool custom motorcycle company named 'The ARCH Motorcycle'. You can check out some of their craftsmanship here.

Keanu Reeves posing with a custom motorcycle based on HD Dyna [Picture Courtesy: Cycle World]

Now some of you must be drooling over the motorcycle above and all the goodness you got to know about this legendary actor today. However, what I 'actually' wanted to share is the video below. This is recorded by a bystander when the actor was out on his classic motorcycle.

So those of us who still do kick-start the bike, the old-fashioned way, well... we are not alone. Even 'Neo' does it ;)

PS: I would love to ride with Keanu Reeves one day.

Ride Safe & Ride Far,



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