Tuesday 16 August 2016

Basil Bike meets White Elephant

Before you proceed reading this post, just sit back and enjoy this episode of 'Races to Places' with Lyndon Poskitt:

I met Heiko (a.k.a. Notch the World) back in 2014, near Lamayuru, while I was riding from Kargil to Leh. He was on his Honda Africa Twin (a.k.a The White Elephant) and was 4 months into his world trip. Which he started in his home country of Germany.

It's interesting to see him crossing paths with Lyndon Poskitt, another globe trotter and rally racer, whom I follow online and wish to meet in person someday. And possibly get a bike built by him OR learn how to build one myself :)

Btw Heiko is still on the road and at the time of this post (i.e. 16th Aug 2016), he is possibly riding through Alaska. You can follow his journey through the following links:

I hope to follow in the footsteps of such free spirits and one day set off on my motorcycle for a trip around the world. Until then, I would continue to explore places nearby that catch my fancy :)

Ride Safe & Ride Far,


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