Monday 10 October 2016

Day 8 - Tawang to Tenga

A comfortable and warm accommodation ensured that I had the best possible rest I needed. After I got up, I had to follow up with the manager at the hotel and later with my uncle (ex-army personnel) about the possibility of a permit to the Bum-La border and if there is anything there, which is worth a visit. After a few calls back and forth I realized, that it wasn't an interesting deal either way. Meaning, firstly it would have taken me a full day at least to get the civilian visitor permit (unless am traveling with army personnel) secondly there is nothing to see there, other than the vast no man's land and our troops guarding the border. I chose to give it a pass and start my return from Tawang. So around 9 am, I was ready and the luggage was all set on the motorcycle. Needed to carry cash for fuel on the way and also for any check-ups for the bike. The manager came over to see me off and we had a bit of chat about the place and his experience so far. He assured me of a good service if I happen to visit again, to which I (sort of) gave a nod that, he may see me again, possibly with friends. And maybe without my motorcycle;) So guys, if you happen to be visiting Tawang, do check out Hotel Zax and you can mention my name to avail some great hospitality. ;) Well after this short chat it was time for me to be on the road again, and I was somewhat eager to meet Se-La (pass) again. This day hopefully I was better prepared than I was the day before. "How?", you may ask. I picked up a pair of waterproof gloves with a warm thermal liner from the army store in Tawang market last night. So this time, I was more confident and ready for the challenge ahead. With this thought in mind, my bull roared on the streets of Tawang and headed south of the mountains.
Leaving the City of Tawang

This morning when I was speaking with my uncle who was posted in this area during his service days, suggested me few places which he recalled were good. One among them was a beautiful big waterfall at Jang, which was roughly 25 KMs and comes on the way. Yesterday before entering Tawang, I remembered seeing a sign board giving directions to a waterfall. So after getting a recommendation from someone who has lived and seen almost all parts of India (including the remotest locations, where the only army has access), I decided to give this place a visit. And man, I was not disappointed. Despite my overexposure to beautiful waterfalls all across Sikkim, this one had its own charm and beauty. Have a look.

Jang Waterfall, just after the rains and in its full bloom

After a break at the waterfall, I had a chilled-out ride all through and I started taking breaks, as I got closer to the Se-La.

This time I was warm enough to stop and enjoy the view this fall, which was beautiful with the equally breathtaking view around.

I came from that side...(waterfall/stream is to the left of the motorcycle)

So this is the hotel which had saved my life (and this trip) by making some hot tea available, right when I needed it. See the constant rain that was going on, just before the climb to the high pass

Fluffy.. a cute and chubby Tibetan mastiff. I got to play with it this time.

Wanna see this dog up close ?? I heard you. ;)

When the rain stops.

Near Bomdi-La, when I took the camera out, the lens and view-finder immediately got condensation inside... scary :/ This shot is due to the moisture on the lens from the inside. This was due to the drastic change in temperature and the camera gear didn't get acclimatized inside the tank bag.

Well, I decided to ride further, instead of staying at Bomdi-La for the night again. Though I loved my last stay here, I just prefer to possibly try out some new place, when there is a chance. So I rolled further down for another 20-odd km to a place named 'Tenga'. It is a small town next to a big military base. Found a budget hotel and parking spot just outside my room window. Hotel had a restaurant downstairs that served the room as well. So I was well taken care of. The evening after getting fresh, I just took a stroll around the hotel area and the temperature was alright. I had tea and shopped for a chocolate bar for tomorrow, as I had a feeling, am gonna be munching miles, once the bull meets the planes. Lol. So may need a bit of sugar to keep going ;) 

Until tomorrow.


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