Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Day 15 - Guwahati to Bangalore

If you are still around and have been following my journey through the daily posts here, then there is a chance that you would be able to relate to my feelings for this day. Read on..

As the alarm went off on my phone, I just opened (rather tried to) open my eyes, while still being in bed. The noise of an already awakened city wasn't something I could have missed, as I was staying in a budget hotel, right next to the railway station. So with the half opened drowsy eyes, I just skimmed through the room. While doing that I spotted few items en route; my good'ol dusty riding jacket, hanging by the door, the trusty helmet lying on the table. Finally when I got present of my thoughts at that moment, there was no sense of my itinerary today, which has been shaping my days ever since I rolled the throttle a fortnight ago. To be honest, this realization was a bit unsettling for first few seconds, as I was coming to terms with the fact that, this trip has finally ended. There is no more new place to explore, there is no more possibility of experiencing something amazing during the day or meeting new people in unexpected ways. This was a bit hard to accept. But then I convinced myself of the interesting stuff next on my (never ending) to-do list, which was waiting at home. I also thought about my family and few friends eagerly waiting to hear from me. Once home, I had so many images to vet from the camera  and the experiences to re-live. Honestly, all this self-talk gave me the much-needed motivation to get up from the bed and get on with this day of transition.

The best part of doing all packing the night before, is to have the day only to execute tasks and not waste time on anything else. I took a shower and slipped into a comfy pair of shorts and a tee and the pair of brand new slippers:) "Boots, I will miss you until our next adventure!!!", is what I uttered in the silence of the room, before putting them into the bag, along with all other motorcycling gear already stuffed inside the night before.

My Bull had to be seen off at the railway station, for its journey to Bangalore. Sadly, we won't be traveling together on this one. However, I will be eagerly waiting there, to receive it once it arrives, and bring it home.

I rode the motorcycle along with the luggage all the way on to the platform, right in front of the parcel office. Waiting for the packing guys...

So after haggling a bit, finally could get this bunch to pack my motorcycle and luggage...

Headlight being wrapped up with a sheet of cardboard and some more cushion to keep the front headlight doom safe, during the transit..

Looks like its almost ready for the train journey..

Once parcel booking is done, the booking id and shipping details are marked on the packages (both motorcycle and the box carrying the remaining stuff).

Once all done, I had a flight to catch as well. As I was heading back to my life in the city, I could feel the presence of a new found enthusiasm for life and a whole lot of experience about the least explored part of this beautiful country. I knew I had to catch up some sleep during this long 3 hours flight. As I certainly won't have enough after my arrival at home, to be ready for a usual work day on Monday.

The return flight home.. :)

While sitting at the Guwahati airport and waiting for the boarding, I was just thinking.. When you are in the zone doing what you love, time flies by so fast. There was a time, I used to lose track of minutes spent on riding my motorcycle off few blocks and now its been more than two weeks since, I left home and it feels like, as if it was just yesterday, that I was tying my luggage to the bike for an epic adventure. Now as I look back, except for few key moments, rest all were just a blur. In case some people don't realize this, rides, vacations or for that matter any form of break from a routine, are meant to do more than just relax your soothing nerves. For me personally, when I am pursuing my passion for riding, I am actually at the purest state of mind, without any need for societal rules, expectations and judgment to be and feel the way I am. No adulteration, whatsoever. This gives me the perfect opportunity to have a look at my life and assess, if what I am doing in different areas of life are worth it, or should there be a change. For the first five years of my work life I have been busy as hell and earned the so called money and reputation that I desired. Now still I do appreciate those, but I realized something; that these are too shallow to be set as the goals of life. There should be something more, there has to be. Its for me to find out if it exists or else I need to create it. A trip alone may not be enough to figure out the whole vision for life, but it surely brings me the clarity and courage to take the next set of actions, that I need to take. At least this has helped me escape a mediocre life so far. And I hope some (if not many) of you have experienced the same.

With that, I conclude this travelogue and hope it stays here to inspire me for my future endeavors as well as for you to come back to, when you need a dose of adventure in your daily lives.

Ride Safe & Ride Far,


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