Monday 12 November 2007

just another day...

Sunday'l correction, sunday afternoon:p It's already past twelve. sorry, couldn't have got up without the call from mom. Just keepin an eye on mah lifestyle(thats the reason she gives everytime she disturbs my sleep:\). Anyways, checked in the mirror, thank god my boxer n tee is in place, it must have been a normal night(if thats how u denote sittin in front of computer till mornin 6!). Threw a diwali party n i was the one who had to get all the stuff n got tired in the process. A friend stayed back(a real geek, hard to find:D), n u can guess the events that followed. Yup tried configuring dual LAN on server with a new distro.PERIOD.

So......curtain is glowing with the sun light coming from out side. Just pulled the curtain a bit to check the weather, "Wot a Day!!:)" these are the exact words i must hav uttered after the glimpse i had. It was sunny yet the sun wasn't that rude today n weather was cool. Just Perfect.

Opened the door, hall was empty, where's abhi(lazy bum is mah roomie), Oh Jesus, ther he is, "why did i call his name?"this is wot i thought after seeing him appear outta nowhere(he knows all these tricks!). N then comes the same line i say(i guess i ask) everyday-"Wot time you got up man?". And the answer he gave never deffered either-"Just an hour ago:)".
You'll surely feel like a jerk when u hear this, you could've got so many things done, if u woulda got up an hour early. but who cares!!

Rest of the things r not that interesting to write, still...brushed my teeth, played one game of online pool(in abhi's profile, best way to practice without loosing ur dignity online:p). Then a hot shower.....fresh...fresh....fresh! Oh gawsh it's 3, mah LUNCH!! Rushed to the near by restaurant to hav somethin good(wot i had is none of ur business!). Came out, went for a smoke(i don't, my roomie does). Was admiring the weather, then thought of going out, so called up a friend, whom i was suppose to meet an year an half ago(it sucks!). She's a childhood friend of mine. Damn. her cell is busy. Todays isn't my day. Oh..khey...alrighty then. Went back to room, took of the tee(CENSORED;)), before i could go further heard a nice guitar tune,it's my cell!!:) "Hellow"..."ya" Sidharth here"....."Hey_____"(i ain't gonne tell u her name!) I got a shock(may not be the appropriate word in this context, but thats wot i got!). It's her(my friend yaar, who else), n she's gettin MARRIED?!? was i in coma or somethin? Wot happened to her!! She's leaving for home on twentieth of this month n marriage is on 5th. Hellow, can anyone plz explain to me wot's going on here?? "It's a long story, u better come over here, cause am sure u won't get another weekend free to meet up!!"-she said. "Alright, mesg u when i start. sms me ur address AGAIN(it's been 18 months since i last gave her a visit)." wheres my tee, wheres my tee. Oh there it is! Hurry's bit far from my place so gonna take some time to roomie was a dumb spectator, n all he said was-"Hey buddy, i can understand wot u r going thru right now, but HEY do gimme a call, if u plan to hit the pub tonight! I'd be glad to join ya!". Who the F#CK is gonna do that. I tried makin him take his words back, but never mind dawg, i better hurry.
Keys, Papers, Bandana, Time to Roll. (Need i mention the smile on my roomie's face when i looked back while leaving?! showed him mah middle finger:) i luv doin that:p I wasn't sure of the status of my flu tank, so decided to stop at a bunk. Filled the tank, switched on the music(I use my nok5300 during my ride). COOL. A romantic weather, my fav vehicle in a great condition, good music, as if all the ingredients are fallin into place! simply fire the engine n go, "The road is calling!!" drove for 20 minutes got past the city limits, then came the outer ring road, few halts to ask direction(Who da f#ck said macho men don't need directions?!!). Took few snaps on the way...(the ones on display here r part of the shoot).Almost close to her house, had a bit of confusion of the the deviation ahead, so after slight hesitation asked a fellow la rider(don't know french, but thats how people of opposite sex r described there), who was busy with her cell n headset plugged into her ears, underneath a black helmet(road side stuff), may be playin fm, n was waitin for the signal to turn green. She turned slid her front viser up n after that things became dramatically S.s.s.s.l.l.l.0.w.w.w. As if someone has activated the matrix mode. [She was gorgeous!] i wonder why do they wear such cheap helmets!!? Anyways, n i bet she was more than delighted to tell me the deviation ahead;>
She said she can't describe the exact place to take the turn, but lcuk was on my side. She's going that way!! :D ahem..She said, "okhey, j.j.j.u....s...s....t k...e....e...e...p f....o....l...l...o...w....i...i.n.g me m...e....e !!" Few!! Neo just saved himself from the bullets! It was close!! God i luv ya!! u ain't that bad!! The curve was touchin both my ears! Checked out the timer, 30....................................29.....................oh puhleez! Can somebody set it to ZERO!! Patience! Patience! F#ck with Patience!! Vrooom...vroom...Hey it's green....let my escort LEAD THE WAY!!!!!!!!:)
A wide road, trees on both sides,was feeling cold, could see the city scape in distant horizon, u can imagine the rest....a twist to the left n a twist to the right(the motion of the bikes u dirty mind) n another signal, n my escort indicated right, Oh I hav to take a right now.hmmm. Time to say good bye....(It happens with all the lone riders, u gotta practice it well)...just pulled the throttle a bit, came parallel, came a bit closer(bikes in motion), pulled up my viser, said "Thank u.." n she couldn't hide her smile when she whispered.."welcome..."
Ohhh plz don't cry, i don't want my readers to get wet in tears!!

So that right turn lead me to my friends neighbourhood, the place i was seeing after a year. Nothin much has changed since then. It's lookin greener with more trees n grass, due to rain i thought.
[saw this cute puppy there..]Drove a bit further n there she is standin near the gate with a smile, a perfect Host...I slowed down n finally stopped near the main gate....Finally reached!! It was a great drive. And then I had a wonderful evening with the Wonderful friend of mine. Talked abt school days my last visit, how much am changed thru these years n so on....Stayed there longer than i expected, had dinner, it was great to hav home cooked food after such a long time, that too by a person who grew up with me, used to play with me, now gettin married! A new chapter of life. Congratulated her n Wished her a Happy Married Life...

[Left the place at 9 at night, drove back to my room. Reached at around 10.30. Before i could park the bike saw an unexpected friend standing at the main entrance with a smile. He's here with the plan for a late night bike ride. Well....hmmm.....Okhey:) couldn't turn down his proposal seeing his enthusiasm...]


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