Tuesday 11 December 2007

Vahan Yatra 2007-South India's Biggest Auto Expo

On an invitation from cousin, after wrapping up my lab exam, i took off for Vahan Yatra 2007 (Auto Expo) at KTPO, Whitefield in Bangalore. This was my first time to this expo, accompanied by a friend, we just reached the event ground after 30 minutes of ride from central city area...Two expo's were held at the same place, we took left to get to our zone.....believe me, the first stall we came across was havin- 2 R1 2006 models, a Honda Goldwing(huge it was), n my fav R1 2003 Silver, awsome!!!!
But unfortunately crowd wasn't upto my expectation so didn't interact much with the owners!! That stall was organised by the guy who imports biikes to bangalore. Next to it was another stall from a local bike n accessory shop, they had a modded CBZ(Honda Repsol Edition; cost 70k appx) n a unicorn(Some sports bike, didn't feel like takin proper look at this one!), a Suzuki Shaolin(Dirt Bike;engine moded to churn out few more bhp's) and other modification n safety gears on display. After gettin a ticket to enter the Exhibition hall, my eyes couldn't find anythin but cars. They were everywhere. Starting from lubes, leather upholstery to tires, vendors had their products showcased there. Few babes caught my eyes busy attracting people towards not so useful products. A Porche n a modded Toyota MR2(Lamo) n JBL show cars kept my spirit up till i saw a set of fat rear tyres!!!!!!!!COOOOOOOOOL!! A R1 again, on display at the YAMAHA's stall. As told by the representative, R1 is launched in Bangalore couple of days back, OFFICIALLY! n the price is INR 1000K, appx. If u include reg, RT, etc it'll be around INR 12LAK+.
Wasn't that exciting to hear that, but still, hope manufacturing will be done in India someday...!!
I took few snaps with cousins cell, will post them soon...

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