Sunday 10 December 2017

My Ride to A Wedding

This post had been hiding for almost two years in the drafts section of my blog (from February 2016 to be precise). About this trip, I somehow had forgotten. Unlike other rides, this wasn't really meant for motorcycling per se. It was a close friend's wedding I had to attend last year, and I originally had thought of taking the car, as I would reach the event fresh and not look like a survivor from some Zombie apocalypse. But then me being me, I thought of making this visit a bit more special and memorable. The challenge of riding this time was, at the end of the ride, I had to be presentable enough for a social gathering. This has never really been a requirement during my usual trips. So after a bit of deliberation (with myself mostly), I chose to ride. I decided to attend this event, only because Sampath (the groom) was a really good friend of mine and also the wedding guest list comprised of a very small group of selected individuals, whom he really wanted to be part of his special day. Otherwise, I am usually not very keen on attending functions as such, especially if it's a huge gathering. So I had to be there and had enough time in hand and this friend already knew how much I Luv Riding motorcycles (you see what I did there! :D). So a few days before the wedding day, I texted him to confirm my participation and also told him about my plan of riding there (just in case he had any apprehensions about it). Much to my delight, he didn't mind at all, me coming on the motorcycle to his wedding. Rather, he was quite supportive and enthused about this whole idea. So there was nothing else on the way of this trip. This route I had done almost 8/9 years ago on my CBZ, and after all these years I am happy to say that, I had a lot of fun again exploring this route at a leisurely pace (which I loved for a change). The marriage ceremony was total fun. Along with Sampath's school time buddies, we had a blast. Now as I look back, there are some of the photographs I had shot on the way during this ride, which remind me of some of the fun events of that day and places I visited. So sit back and enjoy the journey.

Bangalore - Yadiyur - Tiptur: (164 k appx)

Google/Android's spy shots of my travel route.

There were trucks on this route, but the broad road and ample breakdown zone on the side were a safe spot for breaks

If a bulleteer isn't obsessed with his motorcycle, then be assured that he has bought the wrong one (in my humble opinion).

This route had the best kinda highways.

There are riders, there are commuters and then there are people relying on two-wheeled transport in this country.

The stallion in full shinning glory :)

This spot was higher ground and gave a nice view of the long stretch of the highway behind.

After leaving the highway, I found myself a nice spot for a break.

I was munching on a bar of sneakers and appreciating this huge tree for the shade it was providing to travelers like myself.

This was the end of some nice twisties passing through paddy fields

By all means, trust the technology (i.e. google maps) for its convenience but its always good to validate.

This route though lacked any variation in terrain, still had a view or two to offer.

Reached destination and unpacking in progress. The clothes I was supposed to wear for the event made it without much crease or damage.

Note: No pictures of marriage here, until I get a response from my friend, who has moved to Australia after his wedding and we haven't been in touch ever since. That was a fun wedding and we had some interesting photoshoots of the bride and the groom, which I would love to share here. But that has to wait. Meanwhile, continue enjoying some of the photos of my ride back to Bangalore via a different route.

Tiptur - Honnevali - Tiptur - Tumkur - Bangalore:

This was the route I took on the way back

Artsy stuff eh?!! I know.

Abstract art of nature! 
The other side of this story is that it must have been cut by us humans :/

An old Temple I visited on the way back. I like temples for their unique architecture and in some cases the tranquil atmosphere that they provide.

Nope, I didn't get inside this one, as it was sunny and I couldn't just leave my luggage, especially boots outside, unattended. All I had this time was mostly a walk around and a preview; maybe will step inside on my next visit.

Nice mud tiles, I have seen back home in Orissa, where we had an outhouse of sorts with such roofing.

Though not the best in food options, they do provide decent space and ambiance in most parts of India. Our very own Indian Cafe chain- Coffee Day. I decided to have lunch here, for the sake of the air conditioning, as it was very hot outside on this day.

A boulevard with shades of green and brown...


As I got closer to Bangalore, the increase in pollution was getting so obvious that I couldn't ignore it anymore. I had to pull over twice to avoid riding behind a fast-moving tempo truck, which seemed to be running more on engine oil than fuel.

Well, looking back on this trip, I am glad for the share of peaceful and relaxed riding time I had on the road, the greenery en route, and the clean countryside air I got to breathe. If you haven't been on this route, do check it out, as the roads were car-friendly and you may like it, just like I did.

So until next time... 

Ride Safe & Ride Far,



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