Sunday 19 November 2017

Which Spare Parts for Cast Iron Electra 5s ?

If you own an older Bullet (cast iron 4/5 gear) and ride a lot (I mean a lot!), then being stranded on the road is probably not news for you. I have been stuck in the middle of nowhere, more times than you would have imagined. May it be because of a dead battery at Nubra Valley (way up north),  a broken kicker spring and a dying battery near Rameshwaram (way down south), or a broken rear wheel bearing on the way to Tawang (far east). Now you may ask "What about western India, haven't you faced any issues there?!?". Well, as of this date, I haven't yet set foot (tires!) in that part of our country, but am sure, I *might* come across some similar challenges there as well when I get a chance to ride to that region!:D Talk about surety. lol. So the point is, every time I had a breakdown that required a part to be replaced, I was away from a Royal Enfield workshop (obviously, being away from a city). And I had to call up the nearest (sometime 80-100Ks away) RE workshops to enquire if they have the part in stock. And 4 out of 5 times they would be confused with the part numbers because my motorcycle is a Cast Iron. Until a few years ago, it was still ok to not know the exact part numbers (from the RE service catalog) for iron barrel Bullets, as the RE mechanics or workshop staff used to figure it out based on the model number and year of manufacturing. But now things have changed drastically, especially after the UCE bikes have become the staple and RE has sold so many to be busy taking care of them. I won't be surprised if most of the new mechanics working at RE service centers have never really put their hands on an iron barrel engine, let alone know spare part details. So if you ever have to speak with such a staff/mechanic, they may be unable to help you with your road-side-emergency needs.

So what I am getting at is, how handy would it be if you (and I) have the list of part numbers specific to a model of a bike made available; which can act as a quick reference, not only in case of emergency scenarios during touring but also during self-maintenance/repair projects. So in this post I will try and do just that; list down the spare part name, OEM part number, and an image for reference. Initially, I will start filling in the details about the parts I can think of, keeping in mind their probability of replacement in a touring/maintenance scenario.

RE ELECTRA 5s (Electric Start, Disc Brake) / 2009 model:-

Sl# Part Name Brand Part# Cost in INR
Looks like.
1 Battery Exide Bikerz
2 K S (Kick Start)
RE 146450/B 17.00
4 Throttle Cable RE 145713/B 63.00 IMAGE-SRC
5 Air Filter RE 143548/A 175.00
6 Spark Plug RE (by Bosch) 141148 70.00 IMAGE-SRC
9 Oil Filter Element RE 140029/6 28.00
10 Gasket Cylinder Head RE 146843/B 108.00
11 Gasket Cylinder Base (STD) RE 146545/B 64.00
12 Gasket Kit - Electra K/Start 5 Speed RE 146947 457.00
13 Cap/Peak/Beak for Headlamp RE 582657/A 109.00 IMAGE-SRC

If you have any suggestions or would like to contribute some content to this post, please feel free to leave it in the comments.

Ride Safe & Ride Far


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