Tuesday 8 March 2016

KTM Duke 390 - an impromptu photoshoot

It was a long weekend and I wasn't riding anywhere! Can you believe that ?!! Anyway, I had some chores to take care and that's how Saturday and Sunday were gone. I did get the new carb and a new fuel line fitted to my Electra, which I had sourced from Karol Bagh, but that would be revealed in a post of its own. So there I was at home on a "no plans" Monday. I was trying to recall any weekend projects I had in my mind, that I could take up today. Oh yes. I had thought of doing a photoshoot for Yezdi Road King, owned and pampered by a friend of mine. I called him up in the morning and he was happy to know that his beloved vintage 2-stroke powerhouse would be exposed to some limelight. But there was one small issue, the bike was under restoration and was in an incomplete state. Sigh! However, he proposed.."how about the Duke?". Well.. not a bad idea and it's been a while since I photographed any sports bike (or street fighter for that matter). And considering the (well-justified) popularity of the KTM Duke in our country currently, I would be more than happy to shoot some pictures of it, for all the owners and fans. So we caught up and started hunting for a place. This turned out to be a bad idea, especially when we have already wasted the soft light of the early morning sun. I was not actually feeling very creative that day, yet wanted to step out and do something interesting. So despite picking the bad time (mid-day) for the shoot, we could manage with a few locations that came to our mind at that point.

We took a couple of shots of my Electra as well.. which will be shared in another post.

The beast with its master !!!

Hope you had a lot of fun viewing the photographs, as much as we had shooting them. If you want any particular model of motorcycle to be featured here, do leave a request in the comments and I'll see what I can do :)



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