Wednesday 7 November 2012

Bullet Mod - Customised Stock Seat

This is a quick update. I was fiddling around with the idea of a split seat for a while, but was not able to finalise one. As I have shifted my focus to the maintenance side lately (remember Zen.. ), I though of getting the existing seat re-conditioned (replacing the sponge n stuff). Upon a visit to a seat maker, got to know that the seat base is pretty rusted and it's not a wise idea to spend money on that. After seeing the amount of rust under the seat, I decided to get the base plate replaced with a new one. A new Electra seat (with cushion and cover) costs 1300 bucks (I guess). I wanted the contours to be customised, so decided to do the following:

1. Get a new base plate
2. Get the seat built from scratch (or modify a stock base foam layer)
3. Customise the contour as per my requirements
4. Select a good skin (rexine)
[5]. Pick a set of split seats later [optional]

I got it done today after office. Here are some pics taken during the make over and few after it's complete:

just after the seat is removed. It's dust on chrome. It was looking great after a bit of wiping with a cloth, but alas my mob battery was drained out by then, to take any pictures.

I loved the way the bike looks here. I could think of a custom bobber or (The) Indian type custom built ride based on this frame. Or simply a set of retro styled leather split seats may be;)

Side View: You can notice the contour I was talking about. The level from the front goes like: Mid High > Too Low > Too High.

If you hadn't noticed, the chrome rim(they call it bead I guess) which was around the seat is removed now. It was nice of that fellow to put a leather/rexine trim around the seat, which is subtle yet looks quite nice. I think I have seen such a thing on older Royal Enfields.

I picked a dimple textured rexine which was quite thick and soft. It feels great to touch, compared to the smooth black rexine that the bike had earlier.

Rear grab bar is removed as it's height is falling short due to the heightened rear seat cushioning.

The seat looks awesome and feels good too. Though not too soft compared to the old seat. However, thats a good sign considering after some use it is expected to soften more. This whole thing did cost me 1350 INR (roughly 25 US$ in current exchange rate of 54 rupee/$).  I will need that grab bar to pull the bike off parking or from any low ground, so will check out at the Bullet Accessory Shop in the coming weekend. 

Now as the new seat is in place, I think I should do a long ride to test it. You must be thinking I just need a reason to ride!! bet;)

Ride Safe n Ride Far,

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