Sunday 11 November 2012

Royal Enfield Branded Gear

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Today am not in my usual energy levels. For obvious reasons, like I got this not-sure-where-I-got-it-from feverish feeling. Glad yesterday's throat ache is gone:) Feel better now to write this post. So my day started late at around 2pm when I decided to step out for lunch, as well as had to get that rear grab bar fitted, which was removed while putting on the new saddle. Got that done n had a good lunch. Damn that weak feeling we get, and haven't actually got fever yet, that is something I really don't like much. So just to keep myself out of home (literally and on purpose) thought of accompanying my neighbour (another enfield owner dude) to shop for some motorcycle accessories. But that plan didn't work out. So instead of heading home, I though of dropping in to 'Royal Enfield Brand Store' which is located in Jayanagar 9th Block (next to East-End bus stop), just before taking the flyover on the left hand side of the road.

RE Brand Store at Jayanagar East-End, Bangalore (South)

I wanted to know if they have any RE branded accessories, as I couldn't find anything online (even discussion forums discuss this as a ghost topic. Some say they have seen it, yet no official trace online.). Anyway, so I thought of giving it a try and just rolled into the sub-lane next to the showroom to park my bike. Much to my surprise, on the side lane there was this fleet of new Thunderbirds (both 500s and 350s) lined up, for servicing I guess. From the rear tale light it looks futuristic. Quality of build looks good. Not sure what path of evolution RE is walking at the moment, but I hope it's all for good. After having a good view of this cruiser I stepped on to the glass walled showroom floor. A medium size high ceiling hall with around 10-15 bikes on display, not to mention all with UCE types. So glad that I still have 'The Real Kind' CI engine:D Anyway, let's save that UCE vs CI discussion for another day. After scanning the floor I could only see few helmets in the corner. So thought may be that's it. But slowly as the crowd in front of me dissolved I could see a tiny corner of the floor holding racks and some leather jackets and tees on display. I just walked straight into the corner to have a better look at what we have at hand here. Here all the list of stuff they had:
  • Leather Riding Jacket
  • Nylon Riding Jacket (with Mesh)
  • Leather Casual Jacket
  • Riding Shoes (High Ankle and normal)
  • Round neck t-shirts(Black,Yellow,Burnt Orange)
  • Polo Shirts (White,Gray,umm one more colour I don't remember)
  • Full Face AGV Helmet with MLG (Made Like A Gun) stickers (glossy white and matte black)
  • Retro Half Face AGV Helmets (RE branding)
  • Buff (a multi-purpose piece of cloth. Can be used as a muffler or bandana, etc )
  • A multi-purpose riding glass with accessory set (ear clip, strap, etc)

Well having been to and shopped at the best motorcycling brands(Dainese, Alpinestars, Hein Gerike, you name it) in UK, I could tell the products are overpriced. Which is to some extent expected. Indian buyers mentality is 'if it's cheap it ain't good'. To some extent it's true as well, as ideally the cost shows the effort and quality that must have gone into the product. But whatever the case until the quality part of the accessories are prove, I find the stuff pricey. However I ended up picking up a tee for 1k:) They gave me a catalogue for 2012-13 RE branded gear (all that was there in the showroom). The regular size riding shoes was 5999 INR (I guess), which I would think twice before spending, as RE has no expertise with shoe making for sure and there is no other sign of the manufacturer I could see whom I know. Well other than the tee, I liked the full face helmets, and may pick one later sometime. Helmets inner liner was nice and had a brown leather finish. Seems like it'll be quite comfy to wear. Cost was close to 5k. Well it just stays in my wish-list till then. Had a chat with the kid at the counter and got to know, it's only since last october they got these stuff for sale. RE may introduce some more products in it's catalogue in the coming months, after seeing the market response. Good to hear that. So I picked up the tee and rolled out like a happy camper:) Hope u ppl had a good read and some of you might already be ogling over the pics below;)

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