Wednesday 14 November 2012

Royal Enfield Wheels - 19" or 18"

While looking online for new set of shoes (read tyres) for my Enfield, came across this ad in

A year and half back when I was digging online forums before buying a Classic 500, I had come across this news, but got suppressed as sales were high and definitely as a owner you just can't keep talking about a design flaw which can't be changed in any way. But I got the hint that the classy design was not a result of a thoroughly tested prototype, it was rather a cosmetic re-innovation, which somehow worked. Nevertheless Classic 500/350 is a good bike, especially as it carries Royal Enfield DNA. And it's great to know that it can be stabilised by using bigger wheel size.

Personally am happy to know that 19 inc rim size has it's own advantages, which soothes the pain caused while trying to find a set of decent tyres. Speaking of which I come back to the point I was writing this post. Yep am looking for good (*subjective*) tyres and will post as I find some good options in Bangalore or online.

Keep Checking Back,

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