Sunday 31 August 2014

Day 1 : Ghaziabad - Delhi - Ludhiana

DAY 1 : Events (Aug 15)
  • Slept well and got up at 6:30 am and started packing my saddle bags
  • Realized my helmet padding is missing, must have left it at home in Bangalore
  • Once packing was done, went downstairs (10-12 floors) to unwrap the bike
  • Unwrapped the layers of bubble wrap, tapes, and carton sheets, amidst the truckload of dust settled on the bike
  • Found some damage to the tank, the fog lamp, etc, took pictures of the same to share with GATI
  • Took the bikes to bunk, filled enough for Delhi
  • Couldn't find a decent helmet shop in Ghaziabad to source padding for my LS2, so finally bought a half helmet for 400 bucks and continued riding.
  • Filled the fuel tank till the brim (literally) as petrol was cheaper in Delhi, and continued towards Jalandhar, the planned location for night halt
  • Reached Ludhiana by late at night (9 pm) and decided to call it a day, as Jalandhar was still 60kms and many people were struggling to ride at night
  • A few Punjabi youth insisted us to experience stay at a nearby Gurdwara instead of a hotel and I kind of liked the idea
  • So stayed in Gurdwara for the night, with bikes safely parked inside the premises

New Delhi - Sonepat - Panipat - Karnal - Patiala - Ludhiana

Road condition:
Punjab's 90% (or more) highways are in really good condition. I maintained 80kph on average, except for the part when I crossed busy cities on the way, but that was for short periods.

Extremely hot and humid. Make sure the riding jackets and helmet has ventilation. The good part is, as the roads are good, once I started riding, the wind kept me cool all through.

Fuel Stops:
Ghaziabad : 
Rs 200 /  = 2 Ltrs

Rs 1400 / 70.13 pl = 19 Ltrs (Full Tank)

Good Morning Ghaziabad :)

A leisurely halt on the way to Ludhiana.

Coconut water - The best, most healthy, and safe refreshment while riding in hotter Indian states.

A beautiful view of the fields, where children were working and playing.

Taking a break on the side of the highway.

Rode all the way to Ludhiana and reached it by night.

Travel route for this day.

Night Halt:
Place                  : Ludhiana
Accommodation: Gurudwara next to the highway to Jalandhar
Cost per room    : Rs 200 (just a cover charge)
Room Capacity  : 6 people with luggage
Other Details      :
- One has to wear something on the head (bandanna/handkerchief/buff) while entering the premises
- Strictly no alcohol/cigarettes in possession
- Rooms are neat and tidy with attached bathroom
- Peaceful environment
- Breakfast is served in the morning as part of Gurudwara rituals

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