Sunday 31 August 2014

Day 2 : Ludhiana - Amritsar - Jammu

Day 2 : Events (Aug 16)

  • Started from Ludhiana by around 9 am
  • Got into Amritsar to visit Golden Temple and touch up on Wagah Border
  • Got boiled up with traffic and heat while reaching Golden Temple
  • Visited Golden temple in 2 batches (each batch would guard the bikes and luggage in turn) and started the journey again at around 3-4pm (skipped Wagah border visit)
  • Reached Pathankot and enquired about the direct road to Udhampur
  • Changed plan, and instead of Udhampur, started towards Jammu city which was 70 km away
  • Rode through mountains to reach Jammu.
  • Took a right turn from Jammu chowk toward Srinagar
  • Then followed a guy through twists and turns to reach an area with few budget hotels
  • Found one for 1200 per room.
  • Had good food (chicken, jeera rice, egg curry, and roti)
  • Me, Naren, and Murali shared a room.
Ludhiana - Jalandhar - Amritsar - Pathankot - Jammu

Road condition:
Till Pathankot, it's again Punjab highways, so I maintained a good speed. From Jalandhar to Amritsar is a single-lane high traffic, high-risk overtaking route. So had to be alert and careful all the time. Just before reaching Pathankot, the highway gets narrow briefly and the number of trucks increases causing slow-moving traffic and occasional jams. Again after Pathankot, roads are decent till Jammu. So not many problems there.

Punjab was hot and humid, but good cruising speeds on highways, more than compensates for the same. As one crosses Pathankot, the cold breeze can be felt and the surroundings get cooler (than Punjab).

Fuel Stops:
Ludhiana : 
Rs 740 / 72.00 pl = 10.3 Ltrs

Filled at a bunk while leaving Ludhiana.

Entrance to Lovely University, near Jalandhar

Pointers on the way guiding towards Amritsar.

Murali rolled past my parked bike.

MG waves off as he overtakes.

Sameer stops to pose for a shot.

Kept the shoes in counter# 7, which had less crowd

After bearing through the hot and humid weather in Punjab since our arrival, I just loved standing in the cold water spots before the stairs.

We were parted with few members amid the chaotic traffic and bad roads.

It was a refreshing site for me and provided a good breather for Pegasus too.

Getting my mobile charger wiring fixed in Punjab. The crowd around gathered out of curiosity to meet us and see the bikes.

There was a narrow road and a trail of trucks, just before reaching Pathankot.

The first sight of mountains after riding for 500 km.

Punjab to Jammu route that we took.

Night Halt:
Place                : Jammu-Srinagar Highway
Accommodation : Some hotel
Cost per room    : Rs 1200
Room Capacity   : 2 + 1 additional mattress
Other Details     :
- Bikes parked at the entrance of the hotel with the guard keeping an eye
- Food (dinner/breakfast) charges were separate
- Food quality and taste were great, but expensive

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