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Day 3 : Jammu - Srinagar

Day 3 : Events (Aug 17)

  • Rode from Jammu towards Srinagar
  • Crossing some challenging ghat roads in really dangerous conditions and shared the road with trucks, buses and few cars.
  • Was wondering how my friends travelling by bus must be feeling going through this route, where I struggled riding a motorcycle through.
  • While struggling through the tough terrain and damaged roads, first feel of Kashmir appears when I reached Banihal. Rivers, greenery and beautiful valley with people dressed in traditional attires.
  • Keep on going straight and I got closer to Srinagar, but the road got worse with every mile
  • Last 50 or so kilometers to Srinagar were the worst till now, due to roads under construction and tons (and tons and tons) of dust blown by the vehicles going in the front.
  • Due to a half face helmet and unusable visor I had a tough time making it to Srinagar
  • Finally reached Srinagar at around 10 pm
  • Stayed in a hotel near Batwara Chowk after crossing many Indian Army setups.

Ludhiana - Jalandhar - Amritsar - Pathankot - Jammu

Road condition:
Till Pathankot, its again Punjab highways, so I maintained a good speed. From Jalandhar to Amritsar is a single lane high traffic, high-risk overtaking route. So had to be alert and careful all the time. Just before reaching Pathankot, highway gets narrow briefly and number of trucks increase causing a slow moving traffic and occasional jams. Again after Pathankot, roads are decent till Jammu. So no much problems there.

Punjab was hot and humid, but good cruising speeds on highways, more than compensates for the same. As one crosses Pathankot, cold breeze can be felt and the surroundings get cooler (than Punjab).

Fuel Stops:
Somewhere between Jammu and Patnitop: 
Rs 599 / 82.04 pl = 7.3 Ltrs

An Epic-Selfie attempt (pun intended!) during breakfast near Jammu.

Excellent roads from Jammu towards Srinagar. Alas, they only lasted for 20-30 kms.

On first look of this stretch, I thought, going ahead may be this is how the dangerous mountain roads would look like. Well I was so wrong. Now looking back, this very stretch would be the last thing I would recall as dangerous or even remotely risky.

One of the numerous bridges which connects the mountain roads.

Getting tyre pressure checked. Wasn't very sure if I would get to find a garage ahead for this.

The line/road in the background is where I just came through.

This is how valleys look like. River just adds to the beauty.

Entering Banihal..

Jenab, ye hai river 'Chenab' :)

Inside Jawahar Tunnel, length was close to 3 kms. I enjoyed every moment while riding through this tunnel. However it was very noisy when a train (I guess) passed over it when I was near to the exit. Also it may appear to be a bit spooky, if you are riding through it alone.

For some reasons important to me, arriving in this city for the first time on motorcycle marks a day in my biography for sure.

Night Halt:
Place                : Batwara Chowk, Srinagar
Accommodation : Modern Residency
Cost per room    : Rs 
Room Capacity   : 4 + 2 additional mattress
Other Details     :
- Bikes parked at the entrance of hotel with the guard keeping an eye
- Food (dinner/breakfast) charges were separate
- Food quality and taste was great, but expensive

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